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Why Buy from JCI?

Johnson Controls (JCI) is a multinational company that designs intelligent buildings and efficient energy solutions.

Founded in 1880 by Professor Warren Johnson, Johnson Controls was the first company to design and manufacture the thermostat. This invention allowed homes across the world to control their temperatures easily with the push of a dial.

Today, Johnson Controls has diversified to sell a range of products for infrastructure, transportation, and HVAC use. The company has customers in over 150 countries and is committed to creating sustainable solutions.

What are Some JCI Products?

At Blackhawk, we offer a range of HVAC products from Johnson Controls. Some of these are actuators, control sensors, thermostats, and valves.

The actuators from Johnson Controls come in both valve and damper types. It has the most extensive variety of actuators in the HVAC industry. Some of the actuators types are electric damper, pneumatic damper, threaded ball valve, flanged globe valve, and butterfly valve. You can mount each actuator type in different ways, including direct mount, remote mount, spring return, non-spring return, pneumatic, and low voltage.

Johnson Controls designed the control sensors for seamless integration and top-notch performance within your HVAC system. They are easy to install and come in many different types, from carbon dioxide sensors to humidity, temperature, pressure, and even occupancy sensors.

The thermostats from Johnson Controls are designed to give users the best indoor experience by creating comfortable environments. Programmable thermostats are also available to allow for energy savings. All thermostats are highly efficient and easy to install. The types of thermostats available include digital, electromechanical, and pneumatic.

The valves from Johnson Controls are designed to work seamlessly with the actuators from Johnson Controls. Together, these two products allow for easy installation and long-lasting, leak-proof performance. Some valve types available include threaded ball, threaded globe, fan coil, butterfly, and pressure-independent.

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