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View Details Contemporary Controls BASRTP-B BAS Portable Router BACnet/IP to MS/TP   | Blackhawk Supply
$268.63 each
View Details Contemporary Controls EIPR-E Ethernet IP Router with Four-port Switch  | Blackhawk Supply
$268.63 each
View Details Contemporary Controls BASGLX-M1 Modbus to BACnet gateway with virtual routing  | Blackhawk Supply
$287.88 each
View Details Contemporary Controls BAST-221C-B2 BACnet MS/TP Thermostat 2-Heat/2-Cool/1-Fan Wired  | Blackhawk Supply
$210.94 each
View Details Contemporary Controls BASRTLX-B High-performance BACnet multi-network router  | Blackhawk Supply
$157.50 each
View Details Contemporary Controls BAST-221C-BW2 BACnet/IP Thermostat 2-Heat/2-Cool/1-Fan Wi-Fi  | Blackhawk Supply
$12.00 each
View Details Contemporary Controls BASV-3 Web-based Graphical Interface  | Blackhawk Supply
BASV-3 | Web-based Graphical Interface | Contemporary Controls
Brand: Contemporary Controls
$336.88 each
View Details Contemporary Controls BASGLX-M1/P BASgatewayLX Modbus to BACnet Gateway Panel Mount             | Blackhawk Supply
$384.13 each


Why Buy Contemporary Controls Products?

George Thomas established Contemporary Controls in 1975. The company began their business in the system integration and consulting area, with a focus on microcomputer and PLC applications. It expanded over the years and even won a Control Trends, or CTA, Peripheral Product of the Year award in 2014.

Today, the company has distribution offices all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and the United States. It manufactures products for networking, integration, and controlling automation processes for HVAC systems. Contemporary Controls Products integrates with familiar technologies such as ARCNET®, BACnet®, CAN, and Sedona Framework™.

Why Use BASautomation from Contemporary Controls?

The BACnet and the Ethernet are two technologies used in Contemporary Controls products. BACnet is recognized internationally as a building automation standard, and the Ethernet has been pre-wired in many buildings. The BASautomation by Contemporary Controls has BACnet routers that link internet networks to the BACnet MS/TP using these two technologies.

Why Use CTRLink from Contemporary Controls?

The CTRLink from Contemporary Controls allows for greater autonomy in operations. It is easy to mount into control panels and features low-voltage power wiring as well as improved EMC compliance. Additionally, all CTRLink enclosure products are made of metal and allow for easy DIN-rail mounting. Most CTRLink models also allow for back-up via some redundant power source so critical applications can run even in a power blackout.

Why Use ARC Control from Contemporary Controls?

ARCNET technology is a popular local area network (LAN) technology. It allows for the easy sharing of information among connected devices on the LAN network. Contemporary Controls uses ARCNET technology in its networking products by embedding it into applications. In fact, Contemporary Controls is an industry leader in the use of ARCNET and contributed to a book on Industrial ARCNET as well as the founding of the ARCNET Trade Association.

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