BASRT-B | BAS Router BACnet/IP to MS/TP DIN rail mount | Contemporary Controls
BASRT-B | BAS Router BACnet/IP to MS/TP DIN rail mount | Contemporary Controls
Contemporary Controls | BASRT-B
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BASRT-B | BAS Router BACnet/IP to MS/TP DIN rail mount | Contemporary Controls

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BAS Router BACnet/IP to MS/TP DIN rail mount

BAS Router BACnet/IP to MS/TP DIN rail mount

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Details for BASRT-B

BAS Router BACnet/IP to MS/TP DIN rail mount


The BASrouter is a compact BACnet multi-network router which provides versatile stand-alone routing between BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet (ISO 8802-3), and BACnet MS/TP networks. The BACnet router is web page configurable and it is powered by 24 VAC/VDC. The BASrouter has a number of troubleshooting/diagnostic capabilities. The BACnet MS/TP “Status” webpage contains a graphical table of all of the MS/TP devices on the network and their status. Also provided are network statistics, in addition to a BACnet/IP “Routing” webpage with a discoverable routing table which is useful when setting up or troubleshooting a BACnet network.


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Dewey C.
Routing for Bacnet networks

I was looking for the right balance between affordability and functionality. The BASRT-B BAS router turned out to be a perfect choice with understandable controls and a wide range of simultaneous connections. This device has two ports: a 10-100 Mbps port and an isolated MS/TP one. As for MS/TP port, our router handles over 170 devices while maintaining a reliable connection. In theory, it should easily take up to 255 devices.

Daniel R.
a good router for the office

Our office has long been searching for a good router that can handle all our connectivity demands. When our internet proceeded at a slower pace than usual, and with the number of clients and transactions we handle on a daily basis, it was clear to us that a better replacement had to be bought ASAP. That was when we heard about this BASRT-B Router. We were able to install the routers with ease due to its din-rail mounts and clear instructions. I did say routers since we bought more than one to cover all the floors of our office building. Each router is tough enough with metal casings so in case one falls, it could work as expected. All the settings we need in our office setup can be modified through their very own web page. On the connectivity aspect, it can connect from IP to MS/TP to Ethernet. So many options for us, and our net speed has remained fast enough to handle the day-to-day routines. We are happy with this BASRT-B Router.

the BASRT-B router is great

We were looking for a way to boost our internet speed here in our home. We needed a router that can handle the amount of devices that can connect to it. After searching for products across the Internet, we eventually settled for this BASRT-B router. We hoped that it would deliver the flexibility and connectivity as promised. Turns out that indeed, it does. This router can not only connect with either IP or MS/TP, but also with the Ethernet. Talk about versatility. We were able to install it with ease due to a din-rail mount attached to the purchase. It is housed with a metal case so it is durable in case when stuff happens while setting up the router. Once physically installed, we can just change all the settings that we need using this routers own web page. In case of further questions, we can just go to their web page and follow all instructions stated. It works well for us, and it can work well for you too.

Ben R.
totally worth it

The BASRT-B BAS Router is an excellent product for all our connection needs. It is so versatile that it can handle not only routing by BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP, but also by the Ethernet as well. It also has adequate IP network support through the presence of a dedicated web server in case of the need for troubleshooting. The BASRT-B BAS Router can also be easily installed. It can be mounted on a din-rail, and has 24 VAC/VDC when used. The capabilities of this router provide not only a stand-alone routine, but also a mix in BACnet network techs within a single BACnet network. This means that this router can handle more connections than most other routers, and with greater speed and flexibility. All you had to do is to configure your settings via its web page. It makes your net speed fast, and you can connect more devices to it. The BASRT-B can be installed anywhere in your house or office, and its at a reasonable price. Worth checking out.

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