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BASC-22R, BAScontrol with 22 I/O points, includes 12 inputs 4 Analog out 6 relay out

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Contemporary Controls part#: BASC-22R

BAScontrol20 3.1 Features

The BAScontrol20, now with firmware 3.1, is a 20-point BACnet/IP Sedona Open Unitary Controller that supports both BACnet/IP and Sedona Framework (SOX) protocols via an Ethernet connection. It complies with the BACnet B-ASC device profile having eight universal inputs, four binary inputs, four analog outputs and four binary outputs (relay or triac).

The device is a freely-programmable controller executing Sedona's drag-and-drop methodology of assembling components onto a wire sheet to create applications. It can be programmed using Niagara Workbench or a third-party Sedona programming tool; or configured for BACnet/IP remote I/O applications using a common web browser.

Built on the Sedona Framework, Contemporary Controls has developed more than 100 custom Sedona components which complement the standard Tridium-developed Sedona 1.2 components that reside within the device. Unique to the BAScontrol20 are 48 Web Components that allow wire sheet data to be read and written from a common web browser.

  • 24 virtual points ヨ Sedona and BACnet readable and writable
  • Universal Input options expanded ヨ 20kohm thermistor, and a 1-100kohm resistance range
  • CControls Function Kit added ヨ 16 new components including Psychrometric (SI/English)
  • Additional Change-of-Value (COV) subscriptions ヨ 14 binary and 2 analog in total
  • Increased performance and larger application memory space ヨ supports larger app.sab
  • More informative web pages ヨ all points identified by BACnet name and color-coded by function
  • Network Time Server can be found by domain name ヨ easy access to pooled NTP servers
  • Improved Universal Counter (UC) component ヨ mimics Sedona counter but with persistent memory
  • The BASbackup Sedona Project utility easier to use ヨ not dependent upon the Workbench tool


The BAScontrol20 utilizes a powerful 32-bit ARM7 processor with 512 kB of flash memory plus a 16 Mbit serial flash file system for storing configuration data and an application program. By operating at the BACnet/IP level, the BAScontrol20 can share the same Ethernet network with supervisory controllers and operator workstations. The unit can be configured for a fixed IP address or can operate as a DHCP client receiving its IP address from a DHCP server. A real-time clock with a super-cap backup allows for creating local schedules.

A 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port supports protocols such as BACnet/IP, Sedona SOX, HTTP and FTP. Configuration of universal inputs and virtual points can be accomplished using web pages. Type II and type III 10 k thermistors curves and 20 k curves are resident in the unit. Current inputs can be measured using external resistors. Contact closures require a voltage-free source. Binary inputs and outputs as well as analog outputs require no configuration. The unit is powered from either a 24VAC/VDC source.

Versatile Control Device ラ
    field controller or remote Ethernet I/O
  • BACnet/IP compliant
  • B-ASC device profile
  • Configurable with Workbench or web browser
  • Direct connection to an IP/Ethernet network
  • Powered by Sedona Virtual Machine
Flexible Input/Output ラ
    20-points of I/O
  • Eight configurable universal inputs:
    Thermistor, analog voltage, contact closure, pulse inputs(4 max)
  • Four contact closure inputs
  • Four analog voltage outputs
  • Four relay or triac outputs (model specific)
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free shipping on orders over $999 excellent customer satisfaction secure online payment 5-star customer service
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