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More About ACI

Why Buy ACI Products?

Automation Components, or ACI, was founded in 1991 in Massachusetts. Today, ACI is an industry leader in automation sensors. They design and manufacture them for the HVAC industry.

ACI’s staff is proud of the quality of products and service they provide. The company also prioritizes their employees by ensuring their skill-sets match their job duties. Full-time ACI employees are dedicated to the company and ensure the quality of the products they offer is valuable.

What Products Does ACI Manufacture?

ACI has a wide range of sensors in their product line. They offer temperature, relative humidity, current, pressure, gas, and wireless sensors. The company also has a line of accessories that includes relays, thermowells, smoke detectors, and mounting products.

At Blackhawk, we carry many of these ACI products. We categorize these products by their circuit breaker capabilities, their current switch type, their interface, pressure output signal, pressure range and pressure type.

What are some Popular ACI Products?

Some common ACI products include their A/MCS current switch for sensing AC electrical currents. It is designed to detect smaller currents and will trip on currents as large as 0.2 A. It is small in stature and can fit into tight spaces.

Another widely used ACI product is the PAM series multi-voltage relay module. The built-in red LED light indicates when the relay coil is powered-up. It is also effortless to install as it comes with a self-tapping screw and double-sided tape.

This wall-mounting transmitter is also a popular ACI product. It is a reliable, long-lasting, and highly accurate sensor that provides the required output over a specified temperature range. A built-in R2 wall mount enclosure ensures the transmitter can mount it quickly to the wall. It can also be customized with a logo of your choice.

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