CT-815 | Current Switch (Split Core) | Trip Point: Adjustible | Mamac
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CT-815 | Current Switch (Split Core) | Trip Point: Adjustible | Mamac

Mamac | CT-815
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Details for CT-815

Current Switch (Split Core) | Trip Point: Adjustible

  • Available in two transformer core configurations: solid or split-core for ease of installation
  • Two trip set point options are available: fixed or adjustable
  • LED indication for load status and current flow
  • Switch output is rated for up to 135 VAC/VDC
  • UL listed and CE certified
CT-800 series Current Switches provide a reliable and low cost solution to monitor status of supply/exhaust fans, pumps, compressors, unit ventilators, lighting or any other equipment consuming current. CT-800 solid-core and CT-805 split-core have a fixed set point and will switch on if the load/current exceeds 0.5 Amp. The fixed set point can be lowered to 0.250 Amp with two turns through the C.T. or 0.125 Amp with four turns. CT-810 solid-core and CT-815 split-core have an adjustable set point of 1.5 to 200 Amps. Trip set point can be easily field adjusted by turning a trimmer. LED indication is provided to show status. All 800 series Current Switches are rated to switch up to 1.0 Amp @ 35 VAC/VDC or 0.35 Amp @ 135 VAC/VDC eliminating the need and expense of an in line relay or load interlock. 5 year warranty, UL listed, CE certified and the lowest cost in the industry are some of the features which make the 800 series an ideal solution for load status monitoring and alarming functions.


Item Number
Current Core
Split Core
Current Switch Type
Solid State
Current Switch


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