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View Details CT-800 | Current Switch (Solid Core) | Trip Point: 0.5A | Mamac
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View Details HU-224-3-VDC | 0-10VDC | Duct RH Humidity Sensor | 3% Accuracy | Mamac
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More About MAMAC Systems

Why Buy Mamac Products?

Established in 1981, Mamac Systems is a leading global manufacturer of innovative systems. The company was the first to develop HVAC environmental controls and low cost, solid-state precision sensors. 

Today, Mamac Systems manufactures sensors, transducers, control peripherals, and web browser-based IP appliances. The company has subsidiaries in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and commercial and industrial clients on every continent. Mamac Systems prides itself on manufacturing their products domestically in the US.

What are Some Mamac Products?

Mamac Systems organizes their products into two main categories. They are the Sensors & Controls Peripherals and Maverick IP Appliances.

The Sensors & Controls Peripherals category has six product lines. They are the temperature, pressure, humidity, electro-pneumatic, current, and control peripherals.

The Maverick IP Appliances category is organized into seven product lines. They are the Sensor Appliance 4 – Analog Input & Relay Output, the Sensor Appliance 8 – Analog Inputs, the MaverickStat 1-Stage web-enabled thermostat, the MaverickStat 2-Stage web-enabled thermostat, the MaverickStat heat pump web-enabled thermostat, the Sub Metering Appliance, and the Ethernet Over Powerline Bridge.

What Mamac Products Do You Carry?

At Blackhawk, we carry over 800 Mamac Systems products, including a variety of sensors. A favorite category is the pressure sensor, with the differential, duct, gauge, pitot tubes, and suction sensors. Another favorite group is the sensor type, which divides into current sensor, current switch, humidity 2%, humidity 3%, pressure, temperature & humidity 2%, temperature & humidity 3%, and temperature.

A popular Mamac Systems product is the Split Core Current Switch, which you can install as a solid or split core. It features an LED indicator to display the load status and the current flow. It is rated for up to 135 VAC/VDC and is UL listed, and CE certified.

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