KMC Controls Actuators

View Details STE-8001W80 | Digital Sensor: SimplyVAV, Temperature, White, | KMC
$89.89 each
View Details XEC-3001 | Transducer: E/I-P | KMC
XEC-3001 | Transducer: E/I-P | KMC
Brand: KMC
SKU: XEC-3001
$119.99 each
View Details CTE-5202 | Tstat: Dual, Configurable, LCD, Almond | KMC
$85.33 each
View Details STE-1405 | Sensor: Duct Temp, 10K-T3, 4" Probe | KMC
$20.40 each
View Details CMC-1001 | Controller: Positioner, Plastic | KMC
$140.99 each
View Details HPO-5551 | Accessory: Conquest Router Tech Cable Kit | KMC
$64.00 each
View Details CTE-5202W | Tstat: Dual, Configurable, LCD, White | KMC
$84.87 each
View Details MCP-80312099 | Actuator: Metal, 1", 3-8 PSI, Bare | KMC
$62.14 each
View Details XEC-3004 | Transducer: E/I-P, OVERRIDE | KMC
$129.23 each

More About KMC Controls Actuators

Why Buy KMC Controls Products?

KMC Controls is an independent American manufacturer specializing in automation solutions and energy consumption reductions. The company has over 50 years of history working with facilities to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality.

Ken Kreuter founded KMC Controls as the Kreuter Manufacturing Company. Some of the original products the company sold include damper actuators, pneumatic electric switches, and logic relays. KMC Controls expanded their product lines to include air volume controllers and actuators. Today, it is a global distributor that sells products in domestic and international markets.

What Products Does KMC Controls Manufacture?

KMC Controls manufactures a wide range of products for use in both traditional and smart building systems. Some of these products are IoT-related hardware and software, actuators, BACnet Digital Controls, electronic controls, pneumatic controls, sensors & thermostats, and valve accessories.

What KMC Controls Products Do We Carry?

At Blackhawk, we carry over a thousand KMC Controls products. Since we specialize in the HVAC industry, all of our KMC Controls products are actuators for use in zoning systems.

Our most popular KMC Controls actuator is the MCP Metal ½” Crank Arm. It is part of KMC’s MCP-8031 line featuring pneumatic actuators. This line controls small dampers in the HVAC’s air systems and mounts on the side of VAV terminals, ductworks, or damper frames.

They also have a metal body and a crank arm linkage for a direct connection between the damper and the actuator shaft.

Our second most popular KMC Controls product is this MCP Bracket Clevis Only 6”x6” Actuator. It is part of KMC Control’s MCP-1160 series, which is another line of pneumatic damper actuators.

These actuators are made with glass-filled nylon bodies and work in other pneumatically controlled systems. They also feature a universal mounting bracket for easy installation as well as return powers ranging from 8 to 13 psi in the mainspring.

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