CTE-5202W | Tstat: Dual, Configurable, LCD, White | KMC
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CTE-5202W | Tstat: Dual, Configurable, LCD, White | KMC

KMC | CTE-5202W
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Details for CTE-5202W

Tstat: Dual, Configurable, LCD, White

Description and Application

The KMC CTE-5202 thermostat is a dual-setpoint, analog electronic controller with a digital LCD display for use in many new and replacement room temperature control applications. It provides two independent electronic PI (Proportional + Integral) control loops with heating and cooling setpoints. The thermostat drives two (adjustable span) 0–12 VDC analog outputs for control of external devices. The easy to understand LCD display and push buttons enable viewing of current temperature, changing of setpoints, and simple device configuration. The thermostat is typically used with KMC CEP/ CSP-4000 and CSP-5000 series of electronic pressureindependent VAV controllers, MEP-4002 proportional electronic actuators in pressure-dependent VAV applications, and VEB-43/46 series proportional control valves in baseboard and other heating/cooling applications. Application sequences may be selected for the following types of room and terminal unit control:

  • Single-duct pressure-independent VAV terminals, with or without reheat and auxiliary minimum airflow (see Sequence 2 on page 3)
  • Single-duct pressure-dependent VAV terminals with or without reheat (Sequence 1 for single setpoint or Sequence 2 for dual setpoint and/or aux. minimum)
  • Single-duct fan-powered VAV terminals with or without reheat using REE-5xxx staging modules (Sequence 1)
  • Dual-duct VAV applications with independent control of heating and cooling outputs (Sequence 3)
  • Proportional heating and cooling applications, such as baseboard heating and chilled beams


  • Large LCD display for easy viewing (or can be blanked if desired) and configuration
  • Display room temperature in either degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Easy setpoint adjustment via front Up and Down buttons
  • Heating and cooling setpoints with three selectable sequences
  • Outputs configurable to conventional spans between 0 and 12 VDC
  • Adjustable min./max./aux. limits (span), deadband, proportional band, integral, temperature offset, setback offset, and changeover
  • External input for changeover sensor and setback contact
  • Functionally replaces most Barber Colman TP81xx, KMC CTE-1x0x/CTE-50xx/CTE-51xx, and other room thermostats with a more contemporary version that includes an LCD display and configurable sequences and limits


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