HD3XMSTM | RH Duct | 3% | 4-20mA | Temp | 20k NTC | Veris
HD3XMSTM | RH Duct | 3% | 4-20mA | Temp | 20k NTC | Veris
Veris | HD3XMSTM
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HD3XMSTM | RH Duct | 3% | 4-20mA | Temp | 20k NTC | Veris

SKU: HD3XMSTMBrand: VerisCondition: New

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RH Duct | 3% | 4-20mA | Temp | 20k NTC

RH Duct | 3% | 4-20mA | Temp | 20k NTC

Brand: VerisSKU: HD3XMSTM
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Details for HD3XMSTM

RH Duct | 3% | 4-20mA | Temp | 20k NTC



  • Thin-film capacitive sensor element recovers from 100% saturation
  • Fully interchangeable element to 1%, 2%, 3%, or 5% accuracy no calibration (1% not available on HO models)
  • Replace element in the field maintain accuracy and minimize downtime
  • Duct sensor element can be serviced without disturbing conduit
  • Polarity insensitive two-wire 4-20mA or 3-wire 0-5/0-10VDC versions flexible systems compatibity
  • Potted circuitry prevents costly condensate shorts
  • Calibration-free interchangeable NIST traceable HS element
  • HS element is microprocessor profiled with on-board nonvolatile memory
  • Multi-point digital calibration to NIST standards
  • NIST certification available
  • Minimizes field calibration downtime

HD & HO Series Deluxe humidity transmitters provide an ideal solution for measuring relative humidity in a wide range of conditions. All devices are equipped with a thin-film capacitive sensor that is easily replaceable in the field. These sensors are calibrated to NIST standards, with certificates available (see Ordering Information; choose “N” in NIST block). Temperature sensing options are also available. The duct mounted HD is encased in a die cast metal housing for extra strength. The outdoor HO housing is completely weather proof – the most rugged sensor available. All Deluxe HD and HO models come with a standard five-year warranty.


  • Controlling HVAC systems for improved comfort & energy savings
  • Museums, schools, printing shops, and other locations requiring humidity control
  • Facilitating compliance with ASHRAE standards for environmental control and indoor air quality


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