567-351 | CP567 Complete Exposed Control Cabinet assy, Size 1, 19.5
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Brand: SiemensSKU: 567-351

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567-351 | CP567 Complete Exposed Control Cabinet assy, Size 1, 19.5"H x 16.4"W x 5.75"D | Siemens

Siemens | 567-351
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CP567 Complete Exposed Control Cabinet assy, Size 1, 19.5"H x 16.4"W x 5.75"D

This CP567, Size 1, Complete Control Cabinet is an exposed cabinet assembly which allows pneumatic or electrical control components to be mounted in the door or within the enclosure. This NEMA Type 1 steel control cabinet, intended for indoor use, does not have cutouts in the removable hinged cabinet door and features a removable perforated mounting plate and knockouts for electrical or pneumatic piping. The control cabinet measures 19.5" tall, 16.38" wide and 5.75" deep. Removable hinged door has keyed lock and two keys. All CP567 Control Cabinets are manufactured under the UL 508 Industrial Control Cabinet Enclosure standard. The CSA approved file is LR84214. Gray finish. POWERS label taped to the cabinet for future customer installation


CP 567 Control Cabinets provide a convenient central location for equipment mounting, termination of piping, adjustment, and calibration.

The door and mounting plate can be separated from the cabinet enclosure on Sizes 1, 3 and 4. The empty cabinet enclosure can be installed at the job site to permit early wiring rough-in.

Controls may be mounted to the door and mounting plate either at the job site or at the office, and attached to the cabinet enclosure at your convenience. After reassembly, final connections are made.

Cabinets may be used with pneumatic systems employing either copper or polyethylene tubing for transmission lines, with wired electric/electronic systems, or with a combination of both. Cabinets with window in door may be used with controls having displays.

Pneumatic tubing within the cabinet enclosure should be polyethylene for a flexible connection to hinged door components and for easy installation and arrangement.


  • Cabinets are symmetrical; therefore, they can be mounted with the door hinge on the left or right hand side.
  • Door is removable on Sizes 1, 3 and 4. Sizes 0 and 2 have a fixed hinge door.
  • Attractive gray finish permits use in occupied areas.
  • Removable perforated mounting plate permits mounting controls inside the cabinet without drilling holes.
  • All cabinets can be wall mounted. Knockouts are provided for wiring or piping.
  • A windowed door version is available for controls having displays for external viewing.
  • Support kits are available for floor mounting for cabinet Sizes 3 and 4.
  • Cabinets are NEMA 1 rated, listed under UL 508 Industrial Control Panel Enclosures. · CSA approved file LR84214.
  • Height and width dimensions and cabinet color are the same for automation and pneumatic cabinets for a uniform look and mounting.


Item Number 567-351
Brand Siemens
Manufacturer Siemens
Type Pneumatic Accessory


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