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544-643A | Pass Key | Siemens
Brand: Siemens
SKU: 544-643A
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Why Buy Siemens Products?

Siemens is a well-known brand operating in the electrical industry for more than 165 years. The company originated in 1847 when Werner von Siemens designed the pointer telegraph. Siemens went on to discover the dynamo-electric principle which made it possible to mass-generate electricity at low costs.

Today, Siemens is a major manufacturer of electrical technologies. The company employs 351,000 people across 200 countries and combines German engineering with forward-thinking design. When you purchase a Siemens product, you are guaranteed quality and reliability.

What Siemens Products Do You Carry?

Siemens manufactures a wide range of HVAC products as part of their building technologies branch. The products are organized into seven different categories, which are room thermostats, sensors, valves and actuators, damp actuators, variable speed drives, meters, and OEM portfolio.

At Blackhawk Supply, we carry over 8000 Siemens products. They are in seven different categories, which are actuator type, control input, control valve type, end switch, spring return, valve size, and voltage.

The damper actuators use Siemens’ OpenAir™ line of technology which includes positioning forces, control signals, communication standards, and add-on options. Siemens designed the actuator to be environmentally friendly with low-consumption motors and long lifecycles.

The valves actuators use Siemens’ Acvatix™ line of technology designed to work with any control and hydronic requirements. These products are easy to use, highly accurate, and energy efficient.

What Are Some Popular Siemens Products?

The most popular Siemens product on our website is the 24/150H Damper Actuator. It has a lightweight, compact design that offers automatic built-in feedback. It also comes with a plenum cable for easy setups and offers manual override functions.

The second most popular Siemens product on our website is the ½” 3W Control Valve. It is a three-way mixing valve designed for water mixing. Some of its features include a compact design for installation in tight spaces and a stainless-steel valve stem to reduce friction and corrosion.

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