AQF3100 | Radiation/Sun Shield for Outside Air RH Sensors | Siemens
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Brand: SiemensSKU: AQF3100

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AQF3100 | Radiation/Sun Shield for Outside Air RH Sensors | Siemens

Siemens | AQF3100
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Details for AQF3100

Radiation/Sun Shield for Outside Air RH Sensors

Accessory for QFA31xx and QFA41xx Outdoor Air Humidity Sensors.


The Q-Series Outdoor Air Relative Humidity and Relative Humidity & Temperature Sensors monitor and transmit changes in humidity and temperature to the building control systems. These units are especially suited for applications where precise, stable humidity sensing is required. Standard models available are 2% and 2% certified, for both humidity only and combination humidity with temperature sensing. Sensors are offered with either 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 Volt output signals. Some models are available with display. All versions are also equipped with a removable, replaceable sensing tip. The removable sensing tips have a threaded connection that allows the user to screw off the tip without disrupting the installation or wiring. Siemens sensors with replaceable tips are ideal for applications where measurement accuracy is critical and sensor replacement is not an option. Replaceable sensing tips eliminate the need for accuracy adjustment. All certified sensors include a certificate of calibration. The certification is based on a 3-point humidity and 3-point temperature verification and calibration of the sensing element. Sun shields are sold separately.


Item Number AQF3100
Brand Siemens
Element Type
Sensor Configuration Room
Sensor Accessory

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