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Why Buy from EWC?

EWC Controls has been manufacturing power transformers for military and commercial use since 1961. Today, the company expanded into the HVAC industry by utilizing their pre-existing manufacturing equipment. Their popular HVAC products include thermostats and zoning equipment.

What are some benefits of EWC Ultra-Zone Products?

EWC Controls manufactures a line of zoning products, called Ultra-Zone, that allows for more control over the temperatures in different areas of a building. Each zone has their own thermostat, so working and sleeping areas can be set at different temperatures than storage areas. These zones provide more comfort to the buildings’ occupants and reduce the utility bills.

How Does Ultra-Zone Work?

The Ultra-Zone system from EWC uses motorized dampers connected to thermostats. These motorized dampers can be opened or closed depending on the set temperatures. The airflow is controlled by the dampers through the ductwork and accommodate as many as 30 different zones.

What Types of EWC Dampers are Available?

At Blackhawk, we carry a variety of dampers from EWC to meet your HVAC zoning needs. Some popular ones are the bypass dampers, the rectangular dampers, and the round dampers.

The EWC bypass dampers release static pressure on the HVAC ducts. They work by having a motorized system that is controlled by pressure sensors. These pressure sensors can switch on or off, so the bypass damper can modulate the conditions set by the user.

The EWC rectangular dampers are made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum. Its motors can be adjusted for minimum or maximum capabilities to allow flow into a specific zone. It is also easy to wire and install.

The EWC round dampers are reliable, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. They are also made of galvanized steel and easy to install and set up. It includes nylon bearings and patented ThermoTuff™ technology which allows for smooth and quiet operations.

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