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Explore Blackhawk Supply's extensive selection of APC HVAC components designed to cater to your precise requirements. Our diverse product range encompasses power conditioners, rack enclosures, surge protectors, and more. Shop at Blackhawk today to get everything you need!



We provide a range of high-quality APC components from Schneider Electric, a trusted brand known for its reliability. Enhance your power systems' performance and explore our catalog to find the perfect products for your power management requirements.

Looking for efficient and reliable power management solutions? Explore Blackhawk Supply's comprehensive range of APC products, designed to ensure the safety of your devices and optimize power usage in various settings, such as data centers and office spaces. Choose us for all your power management needs today!

Why Choose APC Products?

When it comes to power management and protection, think Blackhawk Supply. We not only offer renowned brands like APC but also provide a wide range of top-tier products to cater to your specific needs. Explore our catalog today, and you'll find the perfect solutions to ensure your power management is efficient and secure.

  • Innovative Technology: APC consistently integrates the latest technology, including early-warning fault analysis, into its products, ensuring you always have access to cutting-edge solutions.

  • Reliability: With APC, you can trust that your devices and systems are protected with surge protection and early detection. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they perform under all conditions.

  • Energy Efficiency: APC products are designed with high operating efficiency to optimize power usage, helping you save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Global Recognition: As a brand under Schneider Electric, APC is recognized and trusted worldwide for its quality and performance, even in a connected world.

  • Diverse Product Range: Whether you need power conditioners, battery life optimization, or rack enclosures to protect unused electrical components, APC has a comprehensive range of products to meet all your needs.

In today's world, where effective power management is paramount, choose Blackhawk Supply as your trusted partner. With us, you're not just investing in quality but also ensuring peace of mind, knowing your power needs are in expert hands with quick recovery at full load.

Types of APC Products We Offer


APC accessories are designed to complement and enhance the functionality of your primary devices. From cables to mounting kits, these accessories ensure that your systems operate seamlessly and efficiently.

Bypass Panel

APC's bypass panels are crucial for maintaining power during system maintenance or replacement. They allow you to redirect power, ensuring that critical systems remain operational even when primary equipment is offline.

Cable Organizer

With APC's cable organizers, you can ensure a clutter-free and organized setup. These tools are essential for preventing tangling, reducing wear and tear on cables, and promoting better airflow in confined spaces.


APC enclosures are robust protective cases designed to house various equipment securely. They offer protection from external factors, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the contained devices.


APC gateways facilitate communication between different devices and networks. They act as a bridge, ensuring seamless data transfer and integration, especially in complex multi-device environments.

KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse)

APC's KVM switches allow users to control multiple computers using a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. This reduces clutter and streamlines operations, especially in data centers and large server environments.

Power Conditioner

Power conditioners from APC ensure that your devices receive clean and stable power. They filter out noise, surges, and spikes, protecting sensitive equipment and ensuring optimal performance.

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

APC's PDUs are designed to distribute electrical power efficiently to multiple devices. With features like metering and remote monitoring, they offer both safety and convenience in power management.


Racks from APC are designed to securely house and organize various equipment, from servers to networking devices. They are built for durability, ease of access, and efficient space utilization.

Replacement Parts

Whether it's a circuit board, a fan, or any other component, APC offers a range of replacement parts to ensure your systems are always up and running. These parts are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

Replacement Parts (Battery)

APC's replacement batteries are designed to provide uninterrupted power. Whether it's for a UPS or any other device, these batteries ensure longevity and consistent performance.

Surge Arrestor/Protector

Protect your valuable equipment from unexpected power surges with APC's surge protectors. They detect and counteract voltage spikes, safeguarding your devices from potential damage.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

APC's UPS systems are essential for ensuring power continuity. They provide backup power during outages, safeguarding data and preventing downtime in critical operations.

UPS Accessory

Enhance the functionality and longevity of your UPS systems with APC's range of accessories. From management cards to replacement batteries, these accessories ensure that your UPS systems deliver optimal performance.


At Blackhawk Supply, we proudly partner with industry leaders like APC to deliver top-tier power management and protection solutions. Explore our extensive range, including robust power conditioners, efficient rack enclosures, and dependable surge protectors, all backed by APC's renowned excellence. Trust Blackhawk Supply and APC to elevate your power management solutions.

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