GLAS Thermostat | Wifi Thermostat with Alexa Google Assistant & Cortana by Microsoft by Johnson Controls | SIO2-10000
Johnson Controls | SIO2-10000
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GLAS Thermostat | Wifi Thermostat with Alexa Google Assistant & Cortana by Microsoft by Johnson Controls | SIO2-10000

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Johnson Controls part#: SIO2-10000

The GLAS smart thermostat by Johnson Controls is the perfect blend of form and function. Featuring a vibrant translucent OLED touchscreen, the clearly smart thermostat maintains a comfortable space while it saves energy and monitors air quality. For easy voice control, GLAS works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and is built with Microsoft Cortana. The GLAS by JCI smart thermostat app allows you to easily tweak the temperature from anywhere.

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Donald P.
great gadget

I have been traveling a lot for work for the past years. Now that I have finally settled at a job that would allow me to settle at a permanent residence, I have been upgrading my house every chance I get. I already have had several smart gadgets installed. The recent one is this GLAS thermostat and I must say that I really like the display of this one. It is beautiful and functional. The feature I really like is the voice control. This way, I will not need to go near the device frequently, as long as I command it within range. But, if I do need to operate it manually, I can easily do as well, because it brags an OLED touchscreen, making it easier to navigate through the adjustments I want to make. What’s great is that if you could just follow the instructions, it is pretty easy to setup and install. But of course, if you can’t, surely, a handyman in the area can help you out.

David T.
excellent device for the office

The office Im working needed a new thermostat since its been quite a time that the area is either too cold or too lukewarm at the wrong time. My superiors needed some recommendations on what to purchase. Apparently, they wanted the best product but they want to be absolutely sure that the product would surely work. After some research, we went for the GLAS Smart Thermostats. We purchased enough to cover the entire office interior space. We were able to install it almost immediately after purchase since the instructions are quite clear. The settings could be modified according to our needs but we prefer to do it in auto mode so we could focus on our official matters. Since it has an attached ALEXA system, our bosses can provide commands for our thermostats as long as they are in range. Most of our devices in the office are compatible with Google, but some are accessible with Microsoft instead. No worries since the GLAS has Cortana attached too. Everyone is happy.

Kaitlin H.
excellent thermostat for home and cafe

I love how convenient my GLAS thermostats are! I recently installed two – one in our home, and one in our café. It was super easy to install and instructions were clear. I am not that much of a techie person but I was able to get Alexa up and running by just following the instructions provided. It is a straightforward smart gadget – very quick and easy to understand and use. What I really like about this particular thermostat is that it has an updated air quality sensor. It is able to assess the “air quality” of my home and café, so to speak. This function helps us monitor and adjust our spaces’ humidity with ease and efficiency. It is an added factor to why people come to our café. A tip is to make sure that you install this magic thermostat in an area where your traffic passes through. This way, it can sense human traffic, log it in, and adjust the temperatures accordingly. We don’t worry about complaints that our café is too hot or icy cold since the thermostat keeps that in check. Plus, there an “auto-away mode” hence you won’t have to worry about power consumption as well.

Absolutelly recommend

I have made it a point to not have too many expectations from newly bought gadgets at home. Nevertheless, after extensive research, I decided to try out GLAS Thermostat and I daresay I am pleased with the product. It was easy to install since it came with everything needed for the installation. Even the setup for the WiFi connection was smooth and easy to follow. It has an OLED touchscreen that quickly responds with a single tap. It looks modern and hip, perfect for those who like futuristic vibes on their home appliances. In order for the Cortana to function, I connected it with my Microsoft account. The best part, it has an app, the JCI smart thermostat app. With this, it feels like I have a wide-range remote for the thermostat. I did not have to get up in order to adjust it during the wee hours. I absolutely recommend this product for those who want to try it!

Charlie N.
love this device

As a solo occupant in my humble home, I need the right product that could handle my air ventilation system. This is especially true when Im away and I need something that keeps the interior at the right temperature and humidity. After all, its a lovely feeling to return from work and the air around you puts you to sleep well. It is then good that I found this GLAS Smart Thermostat. I love this device because I was able to install it so easily, with all the instructions and whatnot. It also has this simplistic OLED display to which my minimalist preferences would dig in. What makes it better is the GLAS Smart Thermostat can be accessed via voice control, thanks to ALEXA and Cortana. Good thing that my devices are compatible with both Google and Microsoft so more flexibility for me. Overall, a great product worth your time and money.

free shipping on orders over $999* excellent customer satisfaction secure online payment 5-star customer service
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