UZC-10 | UZC-10 Zone/Cntrl Pnl 2Stclg/3Stg Ht | EWC Controls
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Brand: EWC ControlsSKU: UZC-10

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UZC-10 | UZC-10 Zone/Cntrl Pnl 2Stclg/3Stg Ht | EWC Controls

EWC Controls | UZC-10
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Details for UZC-10

UZC-10 Zone/Cntrl Pnl 2Stclg/3Stg Ht


INPUT VOLTAGE: 24Vac 50/60 Hz Listed
TRANSFORMER 40-100Va MAX. NEC Class 2.
POWER DRAW: Max 23 VA @ 24VAC.
PANEL: 4.0 amp or 100 VA
DAMPERS: 2.5 amp or 60VA.
WIRING: 18awg solid copper wire. Do not use
stranded wire. Shielded cable is unnecessary.
KNOCKOUTS: 3/4” available at Top, Bottom &
Back of molded Impact Resistant Housing.
TEMPERATURE: -20° to 160°F (-29° to 71°C).
HUMIDITY: 0% - 95% RH Non-Condensing.


NUMBER OF ZONES: 2, 3, or 4 Zones, expandable to 22 zones using ZXM-2 expansion modules. See 090377A0144 rev. B.
COMPATIBLE EQUIPMENT: Gas/Electric/Hydro – Up to 2 Stages Heating and 2 Stages Cooling.
Heat Pump Conventional or Dual Fuel – Up to 4 Stages Heating and 2 Stages Cooling.
COMPATIBLE THERMOSTATS: Any single or two stage Heat/Cool Thermostat or 4 Stage Heat, 2 Stage Cool Heat Pump Thermostat.
COMPATIBLE DAMPERS: EWC Models URD, ND, RSD and SID. Any 24vac 3 Wire or 2 Wire damper


Item Number UZC-10
Brand EWC Controls
Type Zoning Panel

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