B208B+LF24-SR US | CCV | 0.5
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Brand: BelimoSKU: B208B+LF24-SR US

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B208B+LF24-SR US | CCV | 0.5" | 2 Way | 0.46 Cv | w/ Spg Rtn | 24V | 2-10V | Belimo

Belimo | B208B+LF24-SR US
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Details for B208B+LF24-SR US

CCV | 0.5" | 2 Way | 0.46 Cv | w/ Spg Rtn | 24V | 2-10V


Item Number B208B+LF24-SR US
Brand Belimo
Control Input Modulating
Control Valves Type CCV
Cv / GPM 0.46 Cv
Spring Return Spring Return
Valve Size 0.5" - 2 Way
Voltage 24V

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