547-323A | RCM FM BAC +/-.25
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547-323A | RCM FM BAC +/-.25"wc(62.5Pa)0.5%FS | Siemens

Siemens | 547-323A
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Details for 547-323A

RCM FM BAC +/-.25"wc(62.5Pa)0.5%FS


Siemens Room Condition Monitor (RCM) model 547-323A provides environmental monitoring for different types of facilities, workplaces, residential spaces, and other pressurized environments. This model is designed for indoor use only.

The RCM has a user-intuitive touch screen display you can use to monitor and control the room pressure. The condition monitor can automatically measure the room and alert staff about changes. This model has a precise capacitance sensing technology and a fail-safe solution. As a result, the display will show accurate low-pressure differentials up to a 0.00001 WC (water column) pressure. Your workers will know even about the slightest pressure changes immediately.

The Siemens’ RCM assures proper pressurization in any room. Condition monitoring devices should be an essential part of any building where you should maintain a contaminant-free environment. Such environments include hospitals, laboratories, isolation rooms, and other healthcare facilities. With the RCM equipment, you can keep the proper pressure to protect patients with reduced immunity levels or prevent contaminants from escaping specific rooms.


The Siemens’ RCM offers multiple useful features for indoor pressurization monitoring, such as:

  • Customizable room profiles. You can set up operational settings for different rooms (it has flexible IO and free form data entry for room naming).
  • Alarms and notifications. Get automatic alerts and notifications in case the room pressure changes.
  • Standard on-board and optional remote sensors. The device can pinpoint low changes in room pressure and supports different types of measurements.
  • Configurable communication options. You can use MS/TP and BACnet IP for communications.
  • Cloning features. Reduce the time needed to install new RCMs by cloning settings from a previous device.
  • Multiple room support. With the second pressure sensory equipment, the RCM can display the status of up to two rooms simultaneously.


The Siemens’ RCM is designed for monitoring differential pressure and additional parameters in indoor environments. The device can monitor up to two rooms at once without extra programming. You can use this monitoring equipment for hospitals, laboratories, research facilities, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical facilities. The RCM can be set up for automatic audio alarms about pressure changes.


  • Fast set up. The RCM requires no additional programming to work, meaning you can start using it right after installing.
  • Easy installation. The four-screw design and self-leveling mount make the installation straightforward as possible.
  • Extremely accurate. The device is equipped with alow differential capacitance sensing technology to show even the slightest variations of indoor pressure levels.
  • Maintenance-free. The fail-safe mechanism protects the device from electric surges, ensuring a minimal amount of maintenance.
  • Intuitive interface. All settings and measurements are easily readable from a high-resolution graphic touch-screen display.
  • Security. The device has multiple levels of password security and multiple administrative modes (supervisor and administrator).


Item Number 547-323A
Brand Siemens
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