BAC-120036CW | FlexStat, 3R6A, White | KMC
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BAC-120036CW | FlexStat, 3R6A, White | KMC

KMC | BAC-120036CW
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FlexStat, 3R6A, White

Description and Application

The award-winning FlexStat is a controller and sensor in a single, attractive package that creates a flexible solution to stand-alone control challenges or BACnet network challenges. Temperature sensing is standard with optional humidity, motion, and CO2 sensing. Flexible input and output configurations and built-in or custom programming ensure that a variety of application needs can be met. Such applications include single- and multi-stage packaged, unitary, and split systems (including high SEER/EER variable speed packaged equipment), as well as factory-packaged and field-applied economizers, water-source and air-to-air heat pumps, fan coil units, central station air handling units, and other similar applications.

In addition, an on-board library of programs permits a single model to be rapidly configured for a wide range of HVAC control applications. Thus, a single “one size fits all” FlexStat model can replace multiple competitor models. A single BAC-120163CW, for example, can be quickly configured for any of these application options:

  • Air handling unit, with proportional heating and cooling valves, and with optional economizer, dehumidification, and/or fan status
  • Fan coil unit, 2-pipe or 4-pipe, proportional or 2-position valves, with optional dehumidification (w/ 4-pipe option) and/or fan status
  • Heat pump unit, with up to two compressor stages, and with optional auxiliary heat, emergency heat, dehumidification, and/or fan status
  • Roof top unit, with up to two H/C stages, and with optional economizer, dehumidification, and/or fan status

FlexStats also provide the capability to customize the standard library of sequences using a KMC programming tool (BACstage or TotalControl). This enables a local authorized KMC installing contractor to adapt the standard library to the unique site needs and application-specific requirements of a particular project.

BACnet over MS/TP communication is standard. “E” versions, with an RJ-45 jack, add BACnet over Ethernet, BACnet over IP, and BACnet over IP as Foreign Device (for communication across the Internet).


Interface and Function

  • User-friendly English-language menus (no obscure numeric codes) on a 64 x 128 pixel, dot-matrix LCD display with 5 buttons for data selection and entry
  • Multiple display options include selectable space temperature display precision, degrees F/C toggle, rotation values, display blanking, hospitality mode, and locked mode
  • Built-in, factory-tested libraries of configurable application control sequences
  • Integral energy management control with optimum start, deadband heating and cooling setpoints, and other advanced features to assure comfort while maximizing energy savings
  • Schedules can easily be set uniquely by the entire week (Mon.–Sun.), weekdays (Mon.–Fri.), weekend (Sat.–Sun.), individual days, and/or holidays; six On/Off and independent heating and cooling setpoint periods are available per day
  • Three levels of password-protected access (user/ operator/administrator) prevent disruption of operation and configuration—plus Hospitality mode and Locked User Interface mode offer additional tamper resistance
  • Integral temperature and optional humidity, motion, and/or CO2 sensors
  • All models have 72-hour power (capacitor) backup and a real time clock for network time synchronization or full stand alone operation
  • Models functionally replace most Viconics and other competitors’ products


  • Six analog inputs for additional configurable remote external sensors, such as remote space temperature (with averaging, highest, and lowest options), remote CO2 , OAT, MAT, DAT, water supply temperature, fan status, and other sensors
  • Inputs accept industry-standard 10K ohm (Type II or III) thermistor sensors, dry contacts, or 0–12 VDC active sensors
  • Input overvoltage protection (24 VAC, continuous)
  • 12-bit analog-to-digital conversion on inputs


  • Nine outputs, analog and binary (relays)
  • Each short-circuit protected analog output capable of driving up to 20 mA (at 0–12 VDC)
  • The NO, SPST (Form “A”) relays carry 1 A max. per relay or 1.5 A per bank of 3 relays (relays 1–3 and 4–6) @ 24 VAC/VDC
  • 8-bit PWM digital-to-analog conversion on outputs


  • Screw terminal blocks, wire size 14–22 AWG, for inputs, outputs, power, and MS/TP network
  • “E” versions add an RJ-45 jack
  • A four-pin EIA-485 (formerly RS-485) data port on the underside of the case enables easy temporary computer connection to the BACnet network (access with a KMD-5624 cable—requires use of KMD-5576 or third-party interface)

BACnet Communication and Standards

  • Integral peer-to-peer BACnet MS/TP LAN network communications on all models (with configurable baud rate from 9600 to 76.8K baud)
  • “E” versions add BACnet over Ethernet, BACnet over IP, and BACnet over IP as Foreign Device
  • Meets or exceeds BACnet AAC specifications in the ANSI/ASHRAE BACnet Standard 135-2008


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