Thermoplastic Valves

View Details TBH1050A0SE0000 | 1/2" PVC TBH Series Ball Valve, SOC Ends, EPDM Seals | Hayward
$34.13 each
View Details TBH1050A0SV0000 | 1/2" PVC TBH Series Ball Valve SOC Ends, FPM Seals | Hayward
$40.01 each

More About Thermoplastic Valves

Thermoplastic valves are special kinds of valves used in industrial fluid control. They offer specialized protection against corrosion and chemical decomposition from highly-corrosive substances because they are non-reactive substances. Different types of thermoplastic valves offer a variety of applications in handling corrosive substances like globe valves to regulate fluid flow, gate valve for on/off control in fluids, and check valves to prevent any backflow. Black Hawk Supply offers a variety of thermoplastic valves well-suited for numerous applications.

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