Functional Devices Inc.

View Details RIBU1C | Enclosed Relay 10Amp SPDT 10-30Vac/dc/120Vac | Functional Devices
$13.97 each
View Details RIB2401B | Enclosed Relay 20Amp SPDT 24Vac/dc/120Vac | Functional Devices
$20.98 each
View Details RIBRL1C | DIN Rail Relay 10Amp SPDT 10-30Vdc  | Functional Devices
$22.78 each
View Details PSH600-UPS | Enclosed UPS Interface board w/ 600VA UPS | Functional Devices
$415.82 each
View Details RIB2402D | Enclosed Relay 10Amp DPDT 24Vac/dc/208-277Vac | Functional Devices
$26.03 each
View Details RIB2401D | Enclosed Relay 10Amp DPDT 24Vac/dc/120Vac | Functional Devices
$23.61 each
View Details RIB2401C | Enclosed Relay 10Amp SPDT 24Vac/dc or 120Vac | Functional Devices
$12.46 each
View Details ACLCMAGDJ | White Recessed Switch with 12 wires and Magnet. SPDT | Functional Devices (OBSOLETE)
$7.50 each


More About Functional Devices Inc.

What is Functional Devices?

Functional Devices is a US-based designer and manufacturer of electrical devices. Founded in 1969, the company has over forty years providing high-quality products in the HVAC industry. Products manufactured by Functional Devices include relays, sensors, transformers, power controls, enclosures, power supplies, and general accessories.

What Functional Devices Products are Available?

At Blackhawk Supply, we carry many Functional Devices products lines. These include current sensors, relays, circuit breakers, power supplies, and accessories such as mounting tracks.

Current sensors monitor AC or DC current. Functional Devices’ line of current sensors is called the X Series. Both current switches and current transducers are available in this product line.

Models in this line of sensors are available with an embedded relay option, as well as either fixed or adjustable current sensing trigger points. The devices also include an external LED screen for easy monitoring.

Relays from Functional Devices decrease installation costs and times. The switch turns devices such as blower motors and condenser fans on or off.

Functional Devices relays come in six varieties including pilot, power, latching, low input (opto-isolated), alarm(polarized), and dry contact input relays.

Circuit breakers use a switch to break electrical currents. They protect the circuit from damages caused by a current surge. Functional Devices offers a wide range of circuit breakers that are reliable and long-lasting. Both US and Canadian HVAC systems use the UL-rated options.

Power supplies from Functional Devices come in AC, DC, and enclosure-mounted types. The alternating current (AC) power supply create currents that change directions occasionally. Direct current (DC), on the other hand, provides a one-directional current. Additionally, all Functional Devices power supplies have LED displays as well as a variety of options for add-ons.

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