C-2350VFD | Autoset VFD, 3.5-135A, split core | Senva Sensors
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C-2350VFD | Autoset VFD, 3.5-135A, split core | Senva Sensors

Senva Sensors | C-2350VFD
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Autoset VFD, 3.5-135A, split core


Senva CO2 sensors maximize energy savings by ensuring optimal ventilation. Measuring exhaled CO2 levels ensures air is conditioned only when needed. This unit combines CO2, humidity, and temperature sensing all in one compact device, reducing sensors required, installation labor and provides a cleaner IAQ solution.


  • Controlling ventilation in response to occupancy
  • Facilitating compliance with ASHRAE 62.1-2004 standard for air quality
  • Offices, conference rooms, and public assembly areas


CO2, humidity, and temperature all in one device fewer units to buy and install

  • LCD display for easy set up of all parameters
  • Options for complete control including set-point
  • 0-10V outputs standard. Thermistors optional

High performance NDIR CO2 with set-point relay

  • Non-dispersive infrared sensing element (NDIR)
  • Selectable auto-calibration mode returns sensor to baseline values
  • Field replaceable CO2 sensor
  • 2000 or 5000 ppm scale

2% RH sensor

  • On-board temperature compensation for RH eliminates temp coefficient errors achieving excellent measurement accuracy, high repeatability and offset stability.
  • State of the art testing facilities. 8-point calibration certificate available (NIST traceability—consult factory)


  • Industry leading 7-year limited warranty/ 2-year RH element, 3-year CO2 element limited warranties

Display and menu

  • Easy set point and calibration adjustments. Set offsets for CO2

Field replaceable element

  • Display and menu
  • Easy set point and calibration


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Senva Sensors
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Senva Sensors


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