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View Details Viconics VT8350U5000B Terminal Unit Controller FCU + RH  | Blackhawk Supply
$232.18 each
View Details Viconics R820-643-REV2 SCR Power controller 600 V, 45 A, 3 phase  | Blackhawk Supply
$327.42 each
View Details Viconics S3010W1031 Temperature Sensor: Room, 10K Ohm Type 2  | Blackhawk Supply
$312.86 each
View Details Viconics R820-623-REV2 SCR Power controller 600 V, 25 A, 3 phase  | Blackhawk Supply
$463.57 each
View Details Viconics R810-641-REV2 Solid state relay with heatsink 600 V, 45 A  | Blackhawk Supply
$284.92 each
View Details Viconics R820-621-REV2 SCR Power controller 600 V, 25 A  | Blackhawk Supply
$406.12 each


What is Viconics?

Viconics Technologies Inc. is based out of Montreal. The company creates devices such as temperature controllers and microcontrollers to use in the HVAC industry.

The company invests heavily in research and development(R&D). This R&D helps Viconics develop exciting new products that simplify older systems and a better line of network-ready products for the digital age.

What are Some Viconics Products?

At Blackhawk, we carry several products made by Viconics. These include humidistats, thermostats, and wireless gateways.

Humidistats measure and monitor the humidity while thermostats measure and observe the temperature of the surrounding environment. Wireless gateways provide packets from one wireless network to another, so you can access the internet via a single IP address. The importance of this is that you can access your smart thermostat, controller, or valve on your Wi-Fi network without paying extra.

What are the Features of Viconics Products?

Humidistats from Viconics control the humidity in an HVAC system. The humidistats’ designed with an intuitive LCD display as well as user-friendly guides, these systems are easy to set up and use.

Additionally, some models have been designed with advanced features such as an indoor humidity setpoint reset functions to conserve energy. By tracking the humidity, you know when you need the device on or off. Older devices do not have this and waste energy because of the lack of automation.

Thermostats from Viconics manage heating valves, cooling valves, electric duct heaters, and changeover sensors. Some features on the Viconics thermostats include LCD monitors for more natural user input as well as network adaptors for controlling the thermostat from a remote location.

Additional options are available to connect with Echelon, BACnet, or wireless network adapters.

Wireless Gateways from Viconics help both retrofit and new constructions projects. The gateways integrate into standard building automation systems via BACnet IP objects. Additional features of Viconics wireless gateways include a cleaner aesthetic, a simple user interface, and easy installation with no special tools or training required.

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