We offer a wide selection of Reliable Wire & Cable products, including CAT5E, CAT6, multi-conductor and control system cables, as well as accessories.


Why Buy RWC Products?

RWC is Blackhawk Supply’s own brand of products. Started in 2015, RWC is a dealer for Solidyne Controls LLC and a privately-owned business located in the Midwest. Today, the company employs a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry.

Blackhawk Supply provides their customers with quality products, responsive support, and overall exceptional customer service. Since RWC products are part of the company’s own brand, customers often can purchase these products at a better price with the same great value you expect from Blackhawk Supply.

What Types of RWC Products are Available?

RWC organize their products into six different categories. They are cable type, conductors, gauge, jacket color, plenum, and shielded. RWC further divides each group into subcategories. The only two classes of products that do not have subcategories are the plenum and shielded categories, which only contains yes or no options.

Also, the cable type category has four different sub-categories, which are accessories, CAT5E, CAT6, and multiconductor. The accessories include a wide range of products such as cable support hooks, buckets of pull string, zip ties, and machine screw threads. The CAT5E and CAT6E are two different types of network cables. The CAT6 is the newer and faster version. The multi conductors are another type of cable used in communication applications.

What Are Some Popular RWC Products?

There are over forty different products listed on the RWC page. Some of the most popular products are the 1000 ft 4C control cable and the 1000 ft 6C control cable.

Both cables are manufactured with 7-strand bare copper inside an easypull box and are plenum rated. The 4C cable contains four conductors and has an 18-gauge size while the 6C cable holds six conductors and has a 22-gauge size.

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