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View Details 105-633G | 1/2" Lead Free Pex Inline Check Valve | Jomar
$13.96 each
View Details 105-634G | 3/4" Lead Free Pex Inline Check Valve | Jomar
$18.03 each
View Details 105-635G | 1" Lead Free Pex Inline Check Valve | Jomar
$27.20 each
View Details ASV-120 | ASV, - Four Way 120VAC Solenoid Valve, Namur | Jomar
$56.69 each
View Details BGO12-14 | Gear Operator, 12", 14" Butterfly Gear Operator | Jomar
$182.11 each
View Details AEP-100 | AEP, - Electro-Pneumatic Rotary Positioner | Jomar
$866.12 each

More About Jomar Valve

Why Buy Jomar Valve Products?

Jomar Valve is a manufacturer specializing in valves. Josef Martin founded the company in 1966 to innovate the designs in the valve industry. Many of Martin’s designs set the industry standards. Jomar Valve was also the first manufacturer to obtain certifications from UL, CSA, and NSF for their general application valves.

Today, Jomar Valve manufactures many lines of products to meet the needs of the plumbing, industrial, utility, HVAC, and process control industries. The company has also collected many unique and patented designs.

One such design is the Add-A-Valve, which shuts off systems during emergencies. Other patented technologies from Jomar Valves include the Filter Ball and the Lockwing By-Pass valves.

What Types of Valves Does Jomar Valve Manufacture?

Jomar Valve manufactures numerous lines of valves. Some of these are Actuation, Add-A-Valve, Ball Valves, Basket Strainers, Boiler Drains & Hose Bibs, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, and Globes & Balancing Valves. Also, the company also manufactures valve accessories and related products such as dielectric unions and thread sealants.

What Jomar Products Do We Carry?

At Blackhawk, we carry over a thousand products from Jomar Valves. These range from conventional valves to Jomar’s valve accessories. Our most popular Jomar Valve product is the Brass 2 Piece Full Port Threaded Connection ISO Mounting Pad. It uses a dezincification-resistant alloy metal and a square valve stem for direct mounting to any ISO actuator. It also has approval ratings from NSF, MSS, and ANSI.

Our second most popular Jomar Valve product is the Black Iron 250 PSI dielectric union, which is used to join pipes made from different materials to avoid corrosion. This dielectric union can handle pressures up to 250 PSI and is composed of a sturdy steel body with a Nylon 66 dielectric ring. It has approval ratings from ANSI.

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