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Explore over 1000+ innovative products from Macromatic, available now at Blackhawk Supply. From sophisticated control relays to advanced sensors, find the perfect electric or pneumatic solutions for your unique needs. Dive into our extensive collection today and empower your systems with Macromatic's unparalleled reliability!
View Details Macromatic 70169-D 8 pin octal socket | 10 Amp | 600V Pack of 10 | Blackhawk Supply
$94.98 each
View Details Macromatic GR-MR GP Round relay metal retainer Pack of 100 | Blackhawk Supply
$73.88 each


Explore the Diverse Range of Macromatic Types at Blackhawk Supply

At Blackhawk Supply, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier products and solutions to our valued customers. Our partnership with Macromatic, an industry leader in control and monitoring systems, is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

  • Accessories. Equip your Macromatic devices with the essential accessories to ensure optimal performance and longevity. From sockets to clips, we've got you covered.

  • Alternating Relays. Perfect for managing multiple loads, Macromatic's alternating relays offer precision and reliability, ensuring seamless operations in your systems.

  • Current Sensing Relays. Protect your electrical systems with Macromatic's current sensing relays. Engineered for safety, these devices detect and respond to over or under-current conditions.

  • General Purpose Relays. For versatile applications, our general-purpose relays from Macromatic are the go-to choice, ensuring consistent performance across various tasks.

  • Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relays. Prioritize safety in hazardous environments with Macromatic's intrinsically safe barrier relays, designed to prevent ignition in volatile conditions.

  • Liquid Level Control Relays. Maintain optimal liquid levels in your systems with precision using Macromatic's liquid level control relays.

  • Percentage Timers. Achieve accurate time-based control in your processes with Macromatic's percentage timers, perfect for applications requiring specific time intervals.

  • Seal Leakage Temperature Relays. Guard against potential damages with Macromatic's seal leakage and temperature relays, ensuring your systems remain protected from unforeseen issues.

  • Three-Phase Monitor Relays. Monitor and protect your three-phase systems from anomalies like phase loss or imbalance with Macromatic's advanced three-phase monitor relays.

  • Time Delay Relays. Introduce precise time delays in your operations with Macromatic's time delay relays, ensuring tasks are executed at the right moments.

  • Voltage Monitor Relays. Safeguard your equipment from voltage fluctuations with Macromatic's voltage monitor relays, offering protection against over or under-voltage conditions.

Elevate Your Systems with Blackhawk Supply

At Blackhawk Supply, we believe in delivering only the best. Our curated collection of Macromatic products ensures that you have access to top-of-the-line solutions for all your control and monitoring needs. Trust in our expertise, and let us be your partner in achieving operational excellence.

Why Macromatic Stands Out?

Macromatic stands out in the realm of industrial control solutions, offering unparalleled quality and innovation. Let's go over three reasons why Macromatic products, provided by Blackhawk Supply, are the preferred choice for professionals seeking reliability and ingenuity in their control systems.

Unwavering Quality and Reliability

Offered by Blackhawk Supply, Macromatic devices are engineered to deliver consistent outcomes and endure demanding environments. Leave your control systems in capable hands.

Innovative Solutions for Diverse Needs

Blackhawk Supply provides Macromatic's innovative products, ranging from conventional relays to specialized control solutions. Explore the myriad possibilities with our product range, each piece promising a solution to your varied needs.

Industry-Leading Customer Support

Blackhawk Supply is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our seasoned experts are ready to assist in handpicking the perfect Macromatic solution for you. Experience unwavering support and profound expertise at Blackhawk Supply.

Elevate Your Systems with Blackhawk Supply

Settle for nothing less than the best with your control and monitoring systems. Browse Blackhawk Supply's Macromatic collection and invest in superior efficiency, reliability, and precision. Our streamlined purchasing process means you're just a few clicks away from securing industry-leading technology. Embrace the future with Blackhawk Supply today!

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