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Why Buy Ls-Is Products?

Founded in 1991 as a panel manufacturing company, n 1992, Ls-Is merged with Goldstar Special Machinery Co. Ltd. The new company and focused on delivering safe and clean energy to their customers. They are notable for paving the future of smart energy by converging ICT and integrating new clean energy technologies.

Similar to other large companies, Ls-Is operates an R&D division to create and advance new technologies. The R&D group at Ls-Is focuses on providing solutions in the power and automation industry by building foundations for new businesses such as HVDC technology.

Currently, Ls-Is operates more than ten company branches and R&D centers across the world.

What are Some Ls-Is Products?

All Ls-Is products are in three main categories, which are smart power transmission, smart power distribution, and smart industrial automation.

The smart power transmission branch provides products for smart grids, switchgears, transformers, and HVDC technology as the next generation of bulk electricity transmission.

The smart power distribution branch provides smaller products used in the distribution of power. They are low voltage relays, medium voltage circuit breakers and interrupters, integrated protection and monitoring equipment, electronic meters, and EV solutions for hybrid vehicles.

The smart industrial automation branch manufactures a variety of products for industrial use. They are PLC, remote I/O, HMI, process automation, servo drive & motor, low voltage VFD, medium voltage VFD, and soft starters.

What are Some Popular Ls-Is HVAC Products?

Some popular Ls-Is products for HVAC use include their miniature circuit breaker, or MCB and residual current circuit breakers, or RCCB lines. Both are designed to be used directly upstream of the loads and placed in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

The MCBs are available in four different lines and can support up to 50A of current. The RCCBs are available in two different lines and can support up to 63A of current.

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