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Why Buy CR Magnetics Products?

CR Magnetics was established in 1986. The St. Louis, Missouri company manufactures energy monitoring equipment.

CR Magnetics provides their customers with a sophisticated line of products and components to meet their energy needs. The company understands that helpful customer service is an important factor in their success, so they hired a team of expert engineers to provide OEM support.

All CR Magnetics’ products use the highest quality materials and assembly processes at competitive prices. By adopting ISO’s Quality Management system, the company ensured all their products meet rigorous testing standards. Their complete line of products includes sensors, transducers, current mark indicators, and displays.

How Are CR Magnetics Products Designed?

CR Magnetics has a team of professionals with backgrounds in the engineering and technical disciplines. They work out of CR Magnetics’ NIST traceable labs, which has a closed loop controlled power system that allows for exact calibrations on all products.

Additionally, all CR Magnetics products are designed to meet RoHS dangerous chemical requirements and are lead-free. Many products have CE, UL, and CSA certifications. The company also has facilities to perform environmental, loads, and high-pot tests as required by their customers.

What CR Magnetics Products are Available?

CR magnetics products include analog and digital transducers, relays & switches, indicators & displays, and current transformers.

The analog transducers can be used to monitor electrical power systems, power supplies, or electrical loads. It can work on DC or AC voltages transducers, as well as active and reactive power transducers. The digital transducers are made up of CR Magnetics’ Data Stream Series, which uses digital data to transfer information on the current, voltage, power, phase angle, and frequency of the electrical system.

CR Magnetics’ relays & switches monitor electrical properties to recognize a fault or event condition. Indicators & displays can sense electrical properties and are used to analyze heater elements, lighting filaments, and motor operations. Current transformers measure from a few milliamps to 10,000 amps.

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