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CCV Ball Valves

Our inventory of 4,486 CCV ball valves gives you the variety you want to finish whatever project you work on next.

To reduce the flow of liquids through a pipe, CCV ball valves combine a traditional ball valve mechanism with a specially designed disc to control flow (Cv). In our efforts to ensure the highest quality performance, we use CCV ball valves manufactured by Belimo & KMC.

The 107 options that are in our inventory give you the flexibility to control the flow from a CCV ball valves between .29-650 Cv.

Moreover, 901 models we carry have an end switch to stop debris from moving through the pipes.

Another positive feature for CCV ball valves is the manufacturers designed the devices to work both outside and inside. The NEMA 4 & NEMA 4H housing enclosures protects them from common elements like rain, sleet, and snow.

The valve size varies between .5” to 6”. These valves offer 2, 3, and 6-way openings. The openings control the flow of liquids in various directions.

Other choices for the CCV ball valves include the control input, spring return, and voltage.


  • 0-135 ohms
  • Belimo MFT (Modulating)
  • Floating
  • Modulating
  • On/Off


  • Electronic Fail-Safe
  • Non-Spring Return
  • Spring Return


  • 100-240V
  • 120V
  • 24-240V
  • 24V

How can we help you find the best CCV ball valve?

Do you have a specific application that requires a CCV ball valve? Then our selection of 4,486 different devices can fit almost any HVAC project.

The challenge with so many items in stock is how to find the right CCV ball valve for your needs. That is where Blackhawk Supply can help. Our dedicated team wants to help you find the best CCV ball valve for your next project.

Contact our team, so we can help you with your search today.


Belimo CCV Ball Valves

Belimo ball valves offer high capacities for flow control with greater rangeability, higher turndown, and at lower costs. Belimo ball valves are sure to deliver strong, reliable solutions that are efficient and easy to install.

List of Belimo Ball Valves

The wide range of ball valves at Belimo is available with the non-spring return, spring return, or electronic fail-safe actuators. The VS, VSS, L, and VB series offer high close-off capabilities across their wide applications. They are a great solution for low and medium pressure steam applications at inlet pressures of 35 psi and applications that operate with a 380º F media temperature.

Product Range

  • VS & VSS Series [1/2” – 2”. 2-way (1 to 177 Cv, NPT End Fitting)]
  • L Series [1/2” – 2”, 3-way (6.4 to 87 Cv, NPT End Fitting)]
  • VB Series [1” – 6”, 2-way (0.24 to 507 Cv, NPT & Flanged)]

List of Characterized Control Valves

Characterized Control Valves (CCV) are truly remarkable as they combine the high close-off capabilities of a ball valve with a specialized disc that ensures an equal percentage flow characteristic. They offer a comprehensive range of Cv values for applications in air handlers, heating, and cooling coils, fan coil units, unit ventilators, and VAV re-heat coils.

Product Range

  • CCV [1/2” – 2”, 2-way and 3-way (0.3 to 240 Cv, NPT End Fitting)]
  • CCV [2 ½”- 6”, 2-way (70 to 400 Cv, Flanged)] – ANSI 125
  • HTCCV [1/2” – 1”, 2-way (0.29 to 28 Cv, NPT End Fitting)]
  • 6-Way CCV [1/2” – 1”, 6-way (0.29 to 7.4 Cv, 0.29 to 7.0 Cv, NPT End Fitting)]

Benefits of Belimo Ball Valves

Belimo industrial ball and characterized control valves offer high performance even at extreme conditions. Across a variety of applications, they offer:

  • Tight sealing that provides absolute tightness ensuring no leakage
  • Equal-percentage flow characteristic
  • High rangeability with excellent control characteristics
  • Reduced energy consumption, ensuring a simpler selection of actuators
  • Excellent control stability
  • Better control increases valve and actuator lifespan
  • Easy selection, installation, and hassle-free service
  • Fast delivery with extensive support
  • High-performance ideal for diverse applications
  • Manual override for easy troubleshooting during start-up and commissioning
  • No leakage or ANSI Class VI rating increasing plant delta T efficiency and building comfort
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty and next day replacement service


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