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More About Braeburn

Why Buy Braeburn Products?

Braeburn Systems was founded in 2001 and is currently based in Illinois. It is a wholesale manufacturer of indoor air quality systems with a focus on thermostats, zoning systems, air filtration products, humidifiers, and installation accessories for HVAC products.

The manufacturer provides customers with world-class products. The company operates under a ‘quality by design’ philosophy. Rigorous testing procedures are enforced during their manufacturing processes to ensure customers only use top-quality products.

What Braeburn Products are Available?

Braeburn delivers solutions that lower energy costs and increase the comfort levels of a building’s occupants. The company has lines of thermostats, zoning systems, air filtration devices, and humidification products.

Braeburn’s line of thermostats includes the mechanical, non-programmable, programmable, touchscreen, and BlueLink types. The mechanical thermostats feature a traditional dial system.

The non-programmable thermostats have digital screens to display the current settings. The programmable thermostats also feature digital screens and can store user-input settings for temperature changes throughout the day.

The touchscreen systems feature a large touchscreen that is easy to use. The BlueLink thermostats feature Wi-Fi access for remote access to the thermostat.

Braeburn’s line of zoning products includes zoning panels which control up to four different zones. Zoning dampers and accessories are also available for use with Braeburn’s zoning panels.

The air filtration devices from Braeburn are made up of air cleaners in different sizes. They come in the cartridge, right-angle, and expandable types. Accessories such as an air filter gauge are also available for use on Braeburn’s cartridge and right-angle air cleaners, along with air filter media for all Braeburn air filtration devices.

Braeburn’s line of humidification devices includes two types of humidifiers – the bypass and the fan-powered humidifiers. Both types work using evaporator pads infused with water. However, a fan is used to blow air through the pad in the fan type while the airstream in the bypass type blows air through the evaporative pads. Braeburn branded humidifier pads and accessories are also available for use on Braeburn humidifiers.

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