PR-274-R3-VDC | Differential Pressure Sensor | 0 - 5
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Brand: MamacSKU: PR-274-R3-VDC

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PR-274-R3-VDC | Differential Pressure Sensor | 0 - 5 "wc | 0 - 2.5 "wc |0 - 1.25 "wc | +/- 2.5 "wc | +/- 1.25 "wc |+/- .625 "wc | Enclosed | 0-10VDC | Mamac

Mamac | PR-274-R3-VDC
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Details for PR-274-R3-VDC

Differential Pressure Sensor | 0 - 5 "wc | 0 - 2.5 "wc |0 - 1.25 "wc | +/- 2.5 "wc | +/- 1.25 "wc |+/- .625 "wc | Enclosed | 0-10VDC


The PR-274/275 incorporates a new micro-machined glass-on-silicon (Gl-Si) capacitance sensor. This technology revolutionizes very low pressure measurement. Temperature related zero drift, calibration shift due to overpressure, nonrepeatability, non-linearity, and extremely low pressure sensitivity have been some of the problems which have plagued the controls industry. The PR-274/275 with the new Gl-Si technology not only addresses all of the above shortcomings, but for the first time offers a reliable, accurate means to measure and control building/room pressure, air flow, duct pressure, filter pressure drop, or any other extremely low pressure application. Up to six field selectable direct or compound ranges, two enclosure types, field selectable outputs, fully temperature compensated NIST traceable accuracy, non-interacting zero and span adjustments, short circuit and reverse polarity protected output, and a liberal five year warranty are some of the features which make the PR-274/275 the industry’s highest performance, ultra-stable, low pressure sensor.


Item Number PR-274-R3-VDC
Brand Mamac
Pressure Output Signal 0-10 VDC
Pressure Range +/- 0.625" w.c.
Pressure Range +/- 1.25" w.c.
Pressure Range +/- 2.5" w.c.
Pressure Range 0-1.25" w.c.
Pressure Range 0-2.5" w.c.
Pressure Range 0-5" w.c.
Pressure Sensor Type Differential
Sensor Pressure

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