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Why Buy Evsco Products?

Founded in 1980, Evsco manufactures valves featuring a new and innovative elliptic design. Evsco’s founder, Michael Barrett Sr., wanted to give his customers access to this new technology that was previously unavailable in traditional valves.

He also wanted to provide quality designs and superior customer service, and these were the foundations upon which he built Evsco.

The elliptic plastic valves that Evsco manufacturers come in 2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way and 5-Way flow patterns. Sturdy polypropylene or PVDF materials are used in all Evsco valves to create long-lasting products. Manual, air, or electric actuation options are also available in all Evsco products.

What Types of Valves does Evsco Manufacture?

Evsco manufactures five different types of valves. They are the plastic manual valves, electric actuated valves, pneumatic actuated valves, stack valves, and mixing/proportioning/throttling valves. In addition, Evsco designed their own valve mounting components and accessories for use with other Evsco products.

What Are Some Popular Evsco Products?

At Blackhawk, we carry a variety of Evsco products. Some popular ones are the Polypropylene 2 Way Elliptic Valve, the 1/2” PVDF Standard Stem 2 Position 4 Way Valve, and the ¼” Mounting Bracket.

The Polypropylene 2 Way Elliptic Valve uses heat-resistant polymer, polypropylene. You can purchase the valve with manual, electric, or air actuation options as well as additional mounting brackets.

The ½” PVDF Standard Stem 2 Position 4 Way Valve features a unique design that allows for many different flow patterns, including double-angled L, single-angled L, and straight through. It is available in manual, electric, or pneumatic options as well as mounting brackets for easy installation,

The ¼” Mounting Bracket is a quarter-inch in size and works on walls, panels, or as an under-mount. It is made of a durable polypropylene material and compatible with all Evsco valve types.

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