PSPA711 | 1h/1c: Gas, Oil, Elec; Auto c/o; Clean Cycle; Temp limits; Keyboard lock | LUX (OBSOLETE)
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Brand: LUXSKU: PSPA711
Availability: DISCONTINUED
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PSPA711 | 1h/1c: Gas, Oil, Elec; Auto c/o; Clean Cycle; Temp limits; Keyboard lock | LUX (OBSOLETE)

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Details for PSPA711


1h/1c: Gas, Oil, Elec; Auto c/o; Clean Cycle; Temp limits; Keyboard lock


• 7 Day Programming – 4 Periods Per Day

• Easy Programming with Lux Speed Dial®

• Dual Power – System or Battery Powered with Battery Free Memory storage

• Programmable Filter Timer with Change Filter Indicator

• Temporary Override is CAT24 Compliant

• Vacation Override

• Adjustable 2 or 5 Minute A/C Compressor Delay

• Energy Usage Monitor

• EL (Electro Luminescent) Back Light Display

• Mode and Fan Slide Switch

• Optional Early Recovery

• Energy Star Compliant

• Batteries Included

• 5 Year Warranty

• F/C Selectable

• 12/24 Hr Clock

• Temperature Calibration

• Adjustable Temperature Differential/Cycle Rate (.25 – 2.25)

• Programming Copy Button

• Keyboard Lockout

• Speed Dial® Reprogramming

• High Efficiency Systems

• Contractor Grade

• On-Screen Low Battery Indicator

• Soft Touch Buttons

• Default Energy Star Approved Program

• Separate Temperature for Heating & Cooling

• Hold Constant Temperature Override

• Audible Keypad Entry Response

7 Day Programmable Thermostat with Autochanger


• The clean cycle advantage helps filter allergens, dust and pet dander, circulates Air in Home

• Auto changeover

• Fully programmable IAQ Clean Cycle (Patent Pending) Intermittent fan

• Programmable Auto Changeover Dead-Band (1°F to 6°F)

Compatible With:

• 1 Stage Heat/1 Stage Cool Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Gas, Oil or Electric Heating Systems

• Low Voltage (24 Volt) Systems

• Single Stage Heat Pumps

• 2 Wire Hydronic Systems


Not Compatible With:

• Multi-Stage Heat Pumps

• Multi-Stage Gas, Oil or Electric Furnaces

• 3 Wire Hydronic System

• Line Voltage System (without transformer)


Item Number PSPA711
Brand LUX
Display Yes
Thermostat Programmable


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