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Why Buy Lux Products?

Lux Products was founded in 1914. They are a manufacturer of thermostats and smart products. The company currently designs and manufactures their products in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania headquarters and feature an all US-based customer support team.

Today, Lux designs and manufactures smart and innovative thermostats to enhance the lives of their customers. The company operates on a philosophy of innovation, reliability, and personalization. Currently, they run a distribution plant in Texas and an R&D center in Hong Kong. It is also an EME member company.

What are Some Lux Products?

Lux solely focuses on designing and manufacturing thermostats. Currently, they carry three lines of thermostats which are Kono, Geo, and Brio. The company also have a range of timers and accessories. Their Lux app works with all their products.

The Kono line of smart thermostats offer personalized comfort, décor, and cost savings. Not only do the thermostats come with four different colored snap-on covers to match the color palette of your room, but they also work with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and the Google Assistant.

The Geo line of thermostats also contain easy-to-use and install smart thermostats. They are attractive thermostats that are also budget-friendly. Some features include Home and Away Aware geofencing features for energy savings, integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and a free smartphone app for easy scheduling.

The Brio line of thermostats features classic designs ranging from mechanical to programmable. These thermostats are easy-to-use, install, and budget-friendly. They come in four different types, which are programmable, manual, mechanical, and line voltage.

What Lux Products Do You Carry?

At Blackhawk, we carry a range of Lux products for your convenience. Some of the most popular products include the locking thermostat guard to prevent thermostat access by unauthorized personnel and simple battery-powered manual thermostat.

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