S1-03101971000 | Control Board Defrost UT | York
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Brand: YorkSKU: S1-03101971000
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S1-03101971000 | Control Board Defrost UT | York

York | S1-03101971000
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**Control Board Defrost UT** The York Control Board Defrost UT (S1-03101971000) is a vital component for refrigeration systems, specifically designed to manage the defrost cycle. **Key Features:** * Efficiently controls the defrost cycle to prevent ice buildup * Compatible with York refrigeration systems * Integrates seamlessly with existing wiring * Compact and lightweight for easy installation **Benefits:** * Maintains optimal refrigeration performance by preventing ice formation * Extends the lifespan of the refrigeration equipment * Reduces energy consumption by optimizing the defrost cycle * Provides reliable operation and peace of mind **Technical Specifications:** * Brand: York * SKU: S1-03101971000 * Type: Defrost UT Control Board * Pack Quantity: 1 * Weight: 0.25 lbs Order the York Control Board Defrost UT from Our trusted HVAC store today and benefit from our competitive pricing and fast shipping!

Control Board Defrost UT


Item Number S1-03101971000
Brand York
Collection Compressor Controls
Product Type Defrost UT


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