PSD010BF | 1h: Gas, Oil, Elec; Fan; Battery powered | LUX
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PSD010BF | 1h: Gas, Oil, Elec; Fan; Battery powered | LUX

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Details for PSD010BF

1h: Gas, Oil, Elec; Fan; Battery powered

Introducing the PSD010B and PSD010BF, two new thermostats from LuxPro® that are the perfect controls for heating-only systems such as fireplaces, pellet burning stoves, wood burning stoves, coal burning stoves and in-floor radiant heating systems. The PSD010B and PSD010BF offer digital accuracy, 24V or millivolt compatibility, large easy-to-read backlit displays, and are battery powered (no hardwiring required!). Just as important, these new thermostats are easy to install for quicker job turnovers, simple to operate for reduced customer call-backs, and are priced for better profitability.

LuxPro® is dedicated to bringing you the best thermostats today and well into the future. Our line of over thirty programmable, digital and mechanical thermostats is designed to give you innovation, incredible value and support. Simply put, LuxPro® thermostats do more and cost less so that you can make the most of your thermostat business.


  • Digital Accuracy 
  • Fan Switch 
  • Battery Powered Only 
  • Large Illuminated Display 
  • Attractive Slim Design 
  • Soft Touch Buttons 
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius Switchable 
  • Easy Installation 
  • Optional Wall Plate Available

Compatible With:

  • Most 24V Heating Systems 
  • 1 Stage Heat Only: Gas, Oil or Electric (Non Heat-Pump) Systems 
  • 2 Wire Heat Only Hydronic Systems (Hot Water, Baseboard & Radiator)
  • Millivolt Systems (Wall Heaters / Furnaces & Gas Fireplaces)

Not Compatible With:

  • Cooling Systems 
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • 3 Wire Hydronic Systems
  • Line Voltage Systems (120 / 240 VAC)


Item Number PSD010BF
Brand LUX
1 Thermostat Non-Programmable
Display Yes

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