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A/100-3W-IM-6"-4X | ACI | RTD 100 ohm (3 wire) | One Piece Machined Stainless Steel Well Water Fluid Steam Temperature Sensor | Sensor Length: 6 inch | NEMA 4X Housing Enclosure Box |




$ 183.00 $ 68.63

100 Ohms @ 32 degrees F ( platinum RTD sensing element) with a 0.00385 temperature coefficient.

The polycarbonate NEMA 4X immersion with well configuration is designed for wet environments and adds a level of corrosion resistance.  It has male 1/2 inch NPT threads and the sensing element is double encapsulated to avoid sensor failures caused by moisture infiltration.  They are offered standard with etched Teflon lead wires and come with a 304 stainless steel machined thermowell.

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