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What are Enclosures?

Enclosures, like the name suggests, enclose an area to protect it from external elements. In the HVAC industry, enclosures protect the control systems inside the buildings. These enclosures come in different types and sizes.

What are the Purposes of Enclosures?

Depending on the size of the enclosures, they can protect smaller control units as well as multiple control units at once. Their primary job is to shield the HVAC system from dirt, dust, water, and harsh weather.

HVAC enclosures are also highly customizable to accommodate an assortment of HVAC system sizes. They are either floor-standing or wall-mounted, and different mounting options can be ordered to accommodate your needs.

What Enclosure Brands are Available?

At Blackhawk, we carry HVAC enclosures made by the US manufacturer, Saginaw Engineering. They have over fifty-five years of history in the HVAC and electrical industry.

The company provides high-quality products and world-class service from their engineering and sales staff. Some of their enclosures include popular products like the SCE-36N2406NK-T and the SCE-6N604LP.

We also have HVAC enclosures from Functional Devices. With over forty years in the HVAC industry, they have a wide assortment of enclosures like the RD18136 and MH3500.

Besides enclosures, Functional Devices also make other HVAC supplies such as relays, current sensors, power supplies, and transformers. The company also makes custom devices for specific projects with unique dimensions.

What are Enclosure Ratings?

Enclosures use several rating systems. One of these rating systems is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Standards Publication.

Under this publication, 13 different types of enclosures have been classified for non-hazardous locations with various purposes. For example, a NEMA type 1 rated enclosure is suitable for indoor use, while a NEMA type 4. 12, and 13 rated enclosure is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

United Laboratories (UL) is another rating system accredited by the American National Standards Institute. They provide world-class product safety tests and certifications. By purchasing a UL-rated enclosure, you will have a safe and reliable product on your hands.