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If you need to buy electrical wire online, you came to the right place. We're pleased to offer a wide assortment of products to our valued customers at competitive prices.

More About Wire

Types of wire

The wire used for electrical systems is generally covered with insulated materials, such as rubber-like polymers, varnishes, and plastics.

Also, the wires come in different lengths and colors. To serve the needs of our clients, we offer plenty of length options. Also, we have an assortment of wire colors, including black, blue, green, grey, neon blue, orange, purple, red, tan, violet, white, and yellow.  

You can also choose between thermostat, copper, and tracer wire.

As an electrical expert you need the best wires from the world's best manufacturers to complete your job. We want to help you by making sure our inventory is affordable, extensive, and first-rate.

How can you use the right wiring for your next project?

A lot of the wire used by our customers is for “end-user devices” like lights or outlets.

Because they transmit electricity, it is important for electricians to know the correct wire size for each application. In the United States, we use the American Wire Gauge System (AWG) to determine the different diameters of wire.

The diameter of the wire depends on the capacity, gauge, and final device destination. For example, the longer the distance in feet the wire needs to be, the larger the amp and size of the wire is as well.

Color also distinguishes different types of wire for electrical applications. For example, green is for grounding wires. Black and red usually are hot wires that feed a switch.

The right electrical wire ensures proper functioning light fittings, switches, sockets and distribution boards. AWG approved wires work with installation and design safety standards.

Our wire products are well-priced and dependable. Countless electricians rely on our wire products to perform exceptional electrical work. We stand behind what we sell by offering great customer service to our online clients.