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Transformers reduce or increase the voltage of alternating currents. Blackhawk Supply offers a variety of these electrical supplies. Our top-notch transformers come from world-class manufacturers like KMC or ACI.


More About Transformers

Every device we sell is built to last. All our transformers come with circuit breakers attached. These transformers run from 120 to 480 Volts.  When you browse our inventory, you will find what you need for every type of electrical project.

Transformers have been around since 1885. The technology advanced exponentially over the years. Transformers ensure alternating current gets transmitted and distributed to the correct destination.

Applications for transformers vary from project to project. That is because transformers range from compact devices less than 1/16 of an inch to huge devices that weigh hundreds of tons. Many electricians use them for electrical power and electronic applications around the home.

Transformer Features

Transformers use the power of inductance to increase or decrease electrical energy. Electrical companies use a distribution system to send energy to your home. The power they send out from the power plant is between 7,200 to 24,900 Volts.

Sending this amount of power straight to a home is like opening the floodgates into a kiddie pool. The water would overwhelm the pool in seconds. Transformers prevent this from happening. They vary in size based on the distance and usage requirements.

Substations spread out across the network use transformers to decrease the energy. The transformers in your home allow lights to work at 120 Volts while the HVAC system works at 240 Volts. This is substantially lower than the initial energy distribution at the power plant.

Hope you now know more about these devices and how they work to protect your electrical devices. To learn more, check out the transformers available on Blackhawk Supply.

Our wide range of transformers allows us to have the right part for your project. Don’t settle for less, order the transformers you need from Blackhawk Supply.

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