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Routers & Switches

BASRT-B, BAS Router BACnet/IP to MS/TP DIN rail mount
Contemporary Controls sku: BASRT-B
BASRTP-B, BAS Portable Router BACnet/IP to MS/TP
Contemporary Controls sku: BASRTP-B
EIPR-E, Ethernet IP Router with Four-port Switch
Contemporary Controls sku: EIPR-E
BASGLX-M1, Modbus to BACnet gateway with virtual routing
Contemporary Controls sku: BASGLX-M1

More About Routers & Switches

What Are Routers?

Routers are small networking devices that act as a point of connection for data packages to travel between different computer networks. They use either wired connections via Ethernet cables or use wireless connections via a local Wi-Fi network.

Over the last two decades, routers have become a standard device in every household as computers and the internet gained popularity.

How Do Routers Work?

Routers in home networks use a type of router called Internet Protocol, or IP router. The router provides a unique IP address that identifies your location like an address or phone number. For business networks, more powerful routers transfer large terabits of data from an internet service provider.

All routers work by connecting two or more networks via an internal processor, called a CPU, which stores digital memory. An input-output interface allows the router to function as a mini computer, taking in inputs from the user while outputting results based on the data. Unlike computers, routers do not require a screen or a keyboard to function.

What is the Role of Routers in HVAC Systems?

As more of the world becomes digitally connected, it only makes sense to link HVAC systems with an internet connection. The emergence of smart homes requires routers to provide a point of contact between thermostats and the rest of the devices in an HVAC system. These smart homes allow for the thermostat to be adjusted, managed, and even programmed remotely using a smartphone from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection.

What is a DIN Rail Mount in Routers?

DIN rail mount is a standard feature that appears in many routers. It is a metal rail used to mount industrial control equipment such as circuit breakers, switches, and routers. They are usually made from durable carbon steel and can simplify the mounting process when purchased together with a router.

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