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HVAC Zoning Systems All


More About HVAC Zoning Systems

We offer nine HVAC zoning systems to help you separate your heating and cooling systems into their respective areas.

Blackhawk Supply inventory includes nine EWC Controls HVAC zoning systems. All the zoning systems work with the damper controls for the air ducts. The three types of HVAC zoning systems are BMPlus300, NCM-300, and the XM-2.

The BMPlus300 and NCM-300 both have:

  • An outside air sensor or adjustable onboard timer with a schedule between 7 to 42 Minutes
  • Air temperature monitoring to shield HVAC equipment
  • Onboard LED indicator system

The zoning systems both work on gas, electric, and hydro-powered equipment. The machine can offer two-stages for heating and a one-stage cooling furnace.

Similarly, the thermostat can be either a single or two-stage heat system. The cooling zone only has one stage.

Furthermore, the BMPlus300 includes extra features:

  • An adjustable onboard timer for temperatures between 7° to 42°F
  • Limit the staging if less than half the zones demand Heating or Cooling.
  • 100% dual-fuel compatible.

The NCM-300 also has a few separate capabilities including:

  • Enhanced hydro-air capabilities that delay fan activation and reduce the heating demand.
  • Adjustable purge time (90 or 120 seconds).

The XM-2 is an expansion model for the BMPlus3000.

That means you can only purchase this if you have or plan to buy a BMPlus3000 for your HVAC zones. The XM-2 provides two more zones, giving the BMPlus3000 a total of four HVAC zones.

Do you have additional questions about HVAC Zoning Systems?

If your customer wants to separate the heating and cooling in a building, then you need an HVAC zone.

If you have questions about HVAC zoning systems, please feel free to contact our office today at 847-773-0645. Our team is ready to answer whatever HVAC questions you have.

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