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More About Viconics

Choose from 440 Viconics HVAC thermostats to ensure your next electrical project goes smoothly.

For 12 years now, the Viconics line of thermostats provided an economical solution to consumers who need a quality thermostat. The brand uses a BACnet® software to program the device.

Viconics also offers zoning systems to ensure the most efficient thermostats. Because of the setup, you can scale the zoning packages based on your needs.

Many thermostats come with an LCD user interface to control the building automation systems. Because of the open source BACnet® protocol, no programming is necessary. That allows mechanics to quickly fix the device without needing to know the computer systems behind the Viconics thermostats.

Some of the Viconics thermostats have analog controls to automate the communications throughout the HVAC system. Other analog systems rely on floating or time-proportioning outputs.

Because of the breadth of thermostats in the Blackhawk Supply inventory, you have the versatility to control the humidity and temperature sensing tools with remarkable accuracy.

That said, the Viconics line also has several thermostats with digital interfaces that connect over BACnet MS/TP lines.

Furthermore, a few of the Viconics products have wireless networks for you to connect to your thermostat remotely.

The Viconics line is known saving time on the installation and reducing costs. The variety of products makes it easy for people to choose a product that works.

At the same time, they developed a series of wall sensor products to see the entire household at one time from a temperature and humidity standpoint.

How can we help you find the best Viconics HVAC thermostat for your upcoming electrical project?

With 440 different Viconics thermostats, you have plenty of options for your next electrical project. The challenge is you might have too many options.

If you need help identifying the best Viconics brand for your home or office, feel free to contact us today.

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