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More About Braeburn

Choose between 27 different Braeburn HVAC thermostats for your next electrical project.

A high-performing HVAC starts with the right thermostat to monitor your entire system. Braeburn carries 76 different thermostats to control the temperature of your home, office, or building.

Of the 27 products we carry, eight of the Braeburn thermostats have zone control panels. These thermostats allow you to divide your home or office into zones so you can better distribute the energy throughout your home.

Furthermore, a few Braeburn devices have more technology to monitor the temperature and humidity in your home. For example, 14 have touchscreens, so you can change or schedule the temperature you want with ease. Many devices have options for 7-day and 5-2-day programming based on your needs.

Another four thermostats have Wi-Fi, so you can monitor the temperature in your home remotely through your mobile devices. As more houses turn to smart technology, it is essential to have the right tools in your home. Otherwise, you cannot reap the full benefits of intelligent devices.

Additional features that can affect the Braeburn thermostat you choose include the following.

Thermostat Features

  • Accessory
  • Heat Only
  • Mechanical
  • Non-Programmable
  • Programmable

Do you need help choosing the best Braeburn HVAC thermostat?

With 76 different thermostats from Braeburn, we often get the question of which model would work best for my needs? As contractors, it can be difficult to remember every option.

That is why we are here to help. At Blackhawk Supply, we help you find the best materials, so you can deliver a high-quality product to your customers.

Therefore, feel free to contact us today with your questions about which Braeburn HVAC thermostat works best for your needs.

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