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Griswold Controls

More About Griswold Controls

Why Buy Griswold Controls Products?

Griswold Controls is a leader in HVAC flow control technology. The company started 55 years ago by manufacturing innovative stainless-steel flow cartridges, which introduced an automatic flow control technology to the HVAC market. Griswold Controls keeps their products up-to-date and top-of-the-line with new and innovative designs.

Today, Griswold Controls operates on a ‘green’ mindset. The company makes efforts to improve the energy efficiency of their products for to a greener HVAC system. Griswold Controls also provide their customers with information on how to save on energy bills in their business, office, schools, and other large facilities.

What Types of Valves Does Griswold Controls Manufacture?

Griswold Controls carries five different lines of valves. They are:

  • Automatic Flow Limiting Valves
  • Manual Balance Valves
  • 2 Way & 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves
  • Pressure Independent Valves
  • Combination Actuated Ball and Flow Limiting Valve

Each line of valves works for different purposes, such as for use in simple static-balanced systems or heating and cooling coils inside buildings.

What Are Some Popular Griswold Controls Products?

At Blackhawk, we carry a variety of products from Griswold Controls. The most popular Griswold Controls products are the 2 Way Brass Ball/Stem Characterized Control Valves in 1-1/2”, 1-1/4”, and ½” sizes and the 3 Way Versions of the same type of valves in 3” sizes.

All these valves are patented with Unimizer technology for high accuracy. The valves also have lower CV ratings comparable to that of a globe valve. The lower CV ratings means customers spend less money to get the same valve functions. An additional connection compatibility standard from Griswold’s Universal Solution means customers have the freedom to choose from more options to work with different types of valve connections.

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