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More About E-Box

Why Buy E-Box Products?

E-Box was founded in 1988 and is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical enclosures. Their products include stainless, aluminum, painted, galvanized, and custom-made enclosures. The company employs 70 staff and distributes their products all over the US.

E-Box prides itself on speed quoting and fast delivery. Their customer service team focuses on flexibility, convenience, and accessible customer experience. Additionally, the company has a UL license which allows it to manufacture UL-listed enclosures of the highest quality.

What Products Does E-Box Manufacture?

E-Box specializes in manufacturing enclosures, which houses electrical products and components to protect them from the external elements and to prevent accidental shock to users. E-Box classifies their enclosures into six different NEMA categories, which are Type 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4x, and 12.

The company also makes hole seals, handles, latches, floor stands, and other accessories for use with their enclosures.

Type 1 enclosures like our NEMA1 24x24x6 Perforated Subpanel with knockouts protect the enclosed equipment from a limited amount of falling dirt. It comes in a variety of options, including screw cover, hinge cover, painted x-ray duct, and more.

Type 3 enclosures are for outside use and protect the inner components from windblown dust, rain, and ice formations. This type of NEMA enclosure has a variety of options, including screw cover and stainless-steel covers.

Type 3R enclosures are designed to protect against falling rain and ice formations. It comes in options such as small hinge cover painted and rain proof.

Type 4 enclosures design allows them to work in both indoor and outdoor use. It protects against falling rain and splashing water, as well as water jets from hoses and ice formation. Choices for this NEMA type include free-standing and single door painted.

Type 4x enclosures are the same as Type 4 but are also corrosion-resistant. It comes in more options than Type 4, including flange mounted disconnect, metallic screw cover, and aluminum screw cover gasketed enclosure.

Type 12 enclosures guard against dust, dirt, fibers, dripping water, and external condensation. Different versions include JIC continuous hinge, single door painted, JIC painted, and more.

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